an Anti Spam
Owl550 is an anti spam for all platforms. (Java 1.4. minimum)
(ALL Windows, Linux, and other)
With Owl550 you send an email indicating that your address does not exist,
you can :
  • Create and Choose a return formula to undesirables (like this famous reply 550 of servers that says an email address does'nt exist : "Undelivered Message"),
  • Modify the time interval between 2 reads of servers,
  • Choose sound alerts (friends, undesirables, unknown, connections),
  • Preset and save friends and undesirables, by address or by server,
  • See email content before download
  • Delete and return les emails automatiquement,
  • Import the accounts already existing (Thunderbird), (new)
Download release 3.1.0 february 8 2011,

free for 1 email account
thank you notify us of any problem downloading or installation.
Owl550 V3.1 Linux
Owl550 V3.1 Windows
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Owl550 V3.1 jaquette
Illimited version for only 35 €

don't forget to specify your email address

or send your payment to :
Helianthis Arkechene SARL
1 allée Jean Rostand

(33) 09 50 37 14 90
(33) 06 69 02 14 90
RCS 520 153 354 Bordeaux-France
If you do not know the settings of your service provider, here are a few.

Fenêtre des Comptes Préférences/ Provider SMTP
Provider (F.A.I.) Serveur POP Serveur SMTP 
9 Telecom pop.neuf.fr smtp.neuf.fr
9ONLINE pop.9online.fr smtp.9online.fr
ALICE pop.alice.fr, pop.aliceadsl.fr smtp.alice.fr , smtp.aliceadsl.fr
AOL pop.aol.com smtp.fr.aol.com
ALTERN.ORG pop.altern.org ou altern.org non
CARAMAIL pop.lycos.co.uk smtp.lycos.co.uk
CEGETEL pop.cegetel.net smtp.cegetel.net
CLUB INTERNET pop3.club-internet.fr mail.club-internet.fr
DARTY BOX (DARTYBOX) pop.dbmail.com smtpauth.dbmail.com
ESTVIDEO COMMUNICATION pop.evhr.net smtp.evhr.net
FREE pop.free.fr smtp.free.fr
FREESURF pop.freesurf.fr smtp.freesurf.fr
GAWAB pop.gawab.com smtp.gawab.com
GMAIL pop.gmail.com Avec connexion SSL (sur activation de l'option POP3 de Gmail pour chaque lecture.) smtp.gmail.com
HOTMAIL pop3hot.com (ou/et localhost ?) localhost
IFrance pop.ifrance.com smtp.ifrance.com
LA POSTE pop.laposte.net smtp.laposte.net
MAGIC ONLINE pop2.magic.fr smtp.magic.fr
NERIM pop.nerim.net smtp.nerim.net
NET COURRIER mail.netcourrier.com idem que celui de votre FAI
NOOS pop.noos.fr mail.noos.fr
ORANGE pop.orange.fr smtp.orange.fr
OREKA mail.oreka.fr mail.oreka.fr
SYMPATICO pop1.sympatico.ca smtp1.sympatico.ca
TELE2 pop.tele2.fr smtp.tele2.fr
TISCALI pop.tiscali.fr smtp.tiscali.fr
TISCALI-FREESBEE pop.freesbee.fr smtp.freesbee.fr
VOILA non non
WANADOO pop.wanadoo.fr smtp.wanadoo.fr
YAHOO pop.mail.yahoo.fr Avec connexion SSL (sur activation de l'option POP3 de Yahoo) smtp.mail.yahoo.fr
You can contact us by sending an email directly to or to

last update at septembery 5 2014.
Owl550, un anti-spam